Dimethylaminoborane - DMAB

The reducing agent to avoid the pink whole effect during through whole plating

Dimethylamine-borane complex

  • CAS № 74-94-2
  • Chemical formula: (CH3)2NH·BH3
  • Mol weight: 58.3

Physical Properties:


  1. Reduces aldehydes and ketones to alcohols.
  2. Reduces Schiff bases in acetic acid.
  3. Reduces quinines to hydroquinones.
  4. In combination with titanium (IV) chloride, aromatic aldehydes and ketones are deoxygenated to the arylalkane.
  5. In modern electronics to produce thin films of nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, copper, silver, gold, zinc and other metals.
  6. Nickel-boron coatings in manufacturing of high-temperature printed circuit boards.
  7. Nickel-plated contacts in connectors as a substitute for gold coatings.
  8. Metallization of ceramics for solderable contacts fabrication.
  9. Deposition of amorphous nickel onto diskettes.
  10. Production of solderable ohmic contacts in semiconductor solar energy converters.
  11. For preparation lithium aminoborohydrides, which are air-stable and non-pyrophoric reducing agents.


DMAB can above also be supplied as an aqueous solution, not less than 8% DMAB in 1% NaOH aqueous solution. Other concentrations upon request.

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