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We are permanently looking for electroplating products on a world-wide basis. We do not mind, whether it is a simple single question or a complex system solution you are looking for, the maxim is the same: the highest quality available in relation to the best price/performance ratio is just good enough to compete with your induvidual requirement. We are known as a flexible caring enterprise, we know nothing about about worn organisational structures – we are capable of reacting fast and dynamicaly on customers´demands.


Still we have a close eye on the environment.


For high-class decorative and functional processes
it is essential to use quite pure qualities for basic materias in addition suitable Anodes, highly reliable in composition to meet your demands. Products supplied by KHW-Galvanotechnik will cope with standards and demands in full and will contribute significantly to the total success.

KHW-Galvanotechnik - Products fulfil highest quality demands. The following ISO-Zertifizierung anderlines this claim...more

Sodium Tungstate

Remainders at favourable prices
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Platinized titanium anodes for hard chromium plating [More]
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Waste water treatment
Chemicals for decorative and functional surface
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