Pre-treatment products

An absolute pore-clean surface is required in order to achieve the best of result, whatever the base material. Cleaners, etch-cleaners and Activators supplied by KHW-Galvanotechnik fulfil these requirements and will provide adhesion-proof metal-surfaces.

Metallic work pieces are in most cases precipitated with fat, grease, oil, corrosion products and metal cuts, before it comes to electroplating. In any case the surfaces have to be clean, whatever the treatment to follow is, i.e. lacquering, hot galvanizin or electroplating.


Our product range includes liquid and solid, saline cleaners suitable for all different kinds of processes: dipping, spraying, electrolytical or when using ultra-sonic. All wetting-agents and emulgators that are mixed are bio-degradable and do not contain any substances complexing with heavy metas.


KHW-Galvanotechnik offers pretreatment products and processes for ferrous materials, non-ferrous metals, aluminium as well as zinc/zinc dyecast, especially suitable for your demands, liquids and solids, which include:

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